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Yarn determinism

One of the claims that Yarn makes is that it makes your package management “deterministic”. But what exactly does this mean? This blog post highlights how both Yarn and npm 5 are deterministic, but differ in the exact guarantees they provide and the tradeoffs they have chosen.

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2017 - state-of-the-practice for software development in 1968 was ‘Domain-driven Design’. Then “Software Engineering” happened and we lost our way. Academia insisted on telling practitioners how they should do their jobs.

My colleagues often write about how unit tests are great for peace of mind and reducing software errors. So I always make the time to test.

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2017http://gotochgo.comMartin Fowler - Author, Speaker, Consultant and General Loud-mouth on Software DevelopmentABSTRACTDuring my career, I’ve often people heard people describe their systems as “event-driven”. But when looking deeper that phrase seems